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Program for computer protection

Russian version

The WSH-program for protection of the information when the control above your computer is lost (a computer is lost, stolen etc.).

Protection is carried out by destruction of the given files and folders.
(version Light only stops work of a computer)

System requirements:

MS Windows [9x]/NT/2000 with installed components

  • Windows Scripting Host ver. 5.6

  • Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)


  • files from archive place in any folder on a hard disk of your computer
  • in a folder with the program start file MakeLnk.bat


The program is started at loading system (necessary record in the registry creates at installation time) and creates on a disk an alarm file-flag.

The user after loading a computer should remove a flag (the lnk-file necessary for it creates at installation time on a desktop of a computer). After the given delay the program checks presence of a flag, gives out the additional warning (camouflaged by message about defragmentation) to the user and if the flag was not destroyed during an additional delay, process the destruction of the given files and folders begins.

After destruction the system stops.

Parameters of the program are in a text file cg.cfg.

A command line for start of the program:

wscript.exe CoGu.wsf [-key]

Keys of a command line (depend on the register of symbols):

  • lnk - to create on a desktop the shortcut for destruction of a file-flag
  • iam - to destroy a file-flag of the program
  • force - to begin process of protection immediately


  • In a file cg.cfg establish values

    • timeout (time in minutes from booting prior to the beginning of work of the program)

    • timeout2 (time in seconds from last warning prior to the beginning of procedure of protection)

  • In a file cg.cfg list (in order of reduction of importance of the information) files and folders for destroying during work of the program.

  • A format of records of a file cg.cfg

    • size of delays

      • timeout=NN (e.g., timeout=13)

      • timeout2=NNN (e.g., timeout2=90)

    • protected files and folders (version Light it is not used)

      • safe=c:\documents;d:\MyDocs (the list of the folders divided by ";")

      • safe=c:\Docs\Contacts.doc;c:\Docs\Payments.xls (the list of the files divided by ";") etc.

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