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Some programs:

Script programming (using JavaScript, VBScript, PerlScript, DHTML etc) for system and application is very simple and inexpensive way of programs production. Ready for using script has usually very small size and quite good processing speed.

There are for scripts making only documentation and simple text editor necessary. It is editor of file manager FAR with plugins (Colorer,  WordComplete, Far Script Host, External Commands recommended). You may use GUI editor UniRed as well.

Microsoft corporation puts other necessary means at programmers disposal - Internet Explorer and Windows Scripting Host included in Windows 2000 and Win98/Me, documentation on WSH, JS, VBS included in Windows or is on available. 

There are some examples of scripting programming in this site. It will take MS Outlook 2000 for runnig some scripts. Last version of Internet Explorer (5.5 or higher) is recommended too.

Galaktikal additions


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