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The sum in words (.NET-SmartTag)

Russian version

.Net-SmartTag for translation of numbers in verbal representation.

Makes converting numbers in verbal representation in documents MS Word 2002 and MS Excel 2002.
Numbers in length up to 15 digits (999 billion) are processed, verbal representation is formed for three currencies (rouble, dollar, euro) in Russian and English languages.


SmartTag functions on computers with Windows 2000/XP and MS Office XP (on other versions it was not tested)

it is necessary to establish last version Microsoft .NET Framework (not below 1.1)

it is necessary to establish one of converters Num2Words (Web-service in local variant, .NET- or COM-components).

Files from archive place in any folder and start procedure of installation from a file n2wstsetup.msi.
open a file of an example conv_st_test.en.doc and observe action of SmartTag.


For localization of SmartTag's interface it is possible to use tools of .NET Framework SDK.

Copy a file/doc/n2wst.resx in a file with a name, containing an attribute of language adjustment of your system (for German language -, etc)

Replace values of string constants in a new file (values of tags <value> in elements <data>). Use the text editor, allowing to work with coding UTF-8.

Execute generation of a resource file by a command resgen

Place the turned out file in a folder /bin and restart MS Word/Excel.


Removal is carried out with the help of applet of Control panels "Install and removal of programs".


In the text of the document combinations of symbols which can be numerical expression of sums of money are distinguished.
Combinations of symbols from the following set are distinguished:
On the basis of the recognized combinations is formed verbal representation The result can be inserted into the text of the document or is placed in the clipboard.
For transformation it is used any of converters DkmS_Num2Words (Web-service, .Net-component, COM/WSH-component).
Parameters of work of converters undertake from the register (see converters manuals).
Language and monetary unit of the sum are defined by contents and sectoring of the document. It is possible to set parameters of trifles (copecks/cents) processing through SmartTag's menu for each document separately.


Properties and methods of a component can be used in any program MS Office XP (MS Excel 2002, MS Word 2002), supporting technology of SmartTags.

The file conv_st_test.en.doc contains examples combinations of symbols and
results of transformations.

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