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This program intends for help in editing programm sources using text editor of Far file manager. During the process of editing program in compliance with circumstance helps to compose right syntactical structures (in the spirit of unforgettable editor Multi Edit) and expressions with functions, methods and properties (like IDE MS VBA, Delphi etc).

Program works under control of plugin Far Script Host  and consist of main script S&S.vbs and subsiduary programm and tuning files. Program has multilanguage (Russian and English by default) interface, language switching accomplishes using parameter in configurational file.


Load archive, unzip files in scripts folder of plugin Far Script Host (e.g., %Far%/Plugins\ScrHost\Scripts\S_S\).


Program works in background and handles keystrokes. Next commands are understanding:

  • . [dot] - list of methods and properties for object
  • ( [left bracket] - list of parameters for function or method
  • ?? - list all special keywords
  • s? - list syntactical templates for current language in multilanguages files (e.g., WSF,HTML etc);
  • f? - list of all functions for current language;
  • o? - list of all functions for current context(from language or libraries);
  • h? - show all currently used description in IE-window;
  • w? - SuperScript on the Web;
  • r? - reload settings and descriptions from xml-files;
  • a? - speak selected text;
  • l? - speak clipboard.

Select from suggested list inserts in text appropriate fragment.

Note: Inserting templates executes on "s?"-command or after typing keywords(see below) and calling program through plugins menu.


Operational tuning makes through parameters in file SSxDsc.xml:  
  • ParamsIntoText="0"  - insert function/method parameters into text
  • ParamsIntoClipboard="1" - insert function/method parameters into clipboard
  • ParamsIntoTitle="0" - insert function/method parameters into titlebar
  • ProcessImmediate="1" - run commands immediately after typing(else, if "0", - after script calling through plugins menu)
  • IFaceLang = "eng" - set english interface
("1" - boolean TRUE, "0" - FALSE.)
"Syntactical" tuning to languages and libraries are kept in files SSx*.xml, filenames must be enumerated in tag <LoadFiles> in file SSxDsc.xml. In distrubutive are such files for languages VBScript, JavaScript, for labraries FarSH, WSH, MSXML etc available. 

Descriptions of functions, object, methods, properties and events are obvious. In template description is utilize of metacommands possible:

  • [-cr] - new line  
  • [-cri] - the same, and smart indent  
  • [-tab] - insert tab  
  • [-val0..9] - answers on appropriate questions (prompt0...9
  • [-block] - insert selected text block
  • [-cur] - cursor position after text insertig

Template description look like tag <statement>, attribute name is as keyword or command consider. It might be as well to put text of template "brackets" "<![CDATA[" ... "]]>"

System requirements:

MS Windows 2000/9x with components:

Modifying features:

Program is in open sources delivered. There are VBScript, DHTML, CSS, XML and XSL used. For programm modifying Far Editor and this program are required. Any compilers are unnecessary.

Functions of programm files:

  • S&S.vbs  - main programm file
  • SSxDsc.xml - configuration file
  • SSxIFace.xml - interface tuning
  • SSx*.xml - languages and libraries descriptions
  • SSxDsc.xdr - schema for SSx*.xml
  • List.xsl, List_pm.xsl - lists generation
  • MakeHelp.xsl - help generation

You may make any changes in text at one's own risk. In success mail me.