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Words complete in MS Word

Russian version  

Plugin for using under
dispatcher of .NET-plugins.


Complete of a word on the first typed symbols. Words get out from among present in the text of the document.

Search of words invokes in the limited area of the text (5000 symbols for version Lite, the adjustable size for the full version). At presence of several suitable words the list for a choice (only in the full version) is offered to the user.


Programm designed for using in MS Word 2003[/XP].

  1. Install dispatcher of .NET-plugins.
  2. Place into folder bin/Plugins file WordCW.dll(Version Lite is part of the distribution kit of the dispatcher, the full version - on demand).

Note. Version Lite is started through the menu of the plug-ins, full - also with the hot key.


  1. Open document MS Word.
  2. After typing of 4-5 first symbols of a word cause on execution a plug-in. At presence in the text of similar words your fragment is supplemented up to a full word.

 Ask to me the questions  which have arisen at you.

System requirements:

  • MS Windows 9x/NT/2000/2003 and MS Word2003/[2002].

  % Inquiry about the full version of a plug-in - here.

Load archive with the program: site-1(version Lite with dispatcher).