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Databases view and edit

Russian version

The program is intended for operation with the databases supporting SQL standards and ODBC/OLE DB(MS SQL Server, Oracle, dBase, Access, Excel etc.).

Consists of a main script dbview.hta and auxiliary files in the directory \dbview.files. Has the Russian-English interface, the language of the interface can be switched in an operating time without restarting the program.


Load selfextracting archive dbview.exe, start it, specify the directory for installation.


[ mshta.exe ] dbview.hta

In a top of the window there is a panel for parameter setup, input of connection-string and input of SQL-sentence:

Button Panel on/off removes the bottom of control panel from the screen. For deleting all panel click in any place of the window at pressed ALT key.

Interface language(labels of units, the brief description) of program is selected from the dropping out list.

For connection to the database through the ODBC-driver it is necessary to specify in a field the database a name of the source defined with the help of manager ODBC of your system. If necessary, specify also the user name and the password for authorization by the server. For connection to usage OLE DB of the provider or the instruction(indication) of additional parameters of ODBC-connection it is possible to enter the detailed text of string of connection to the database.

Connection is made after pressing the button  Connect . At successful connection the text on the button varies, and the input field of SQL-sentences becomes editable.

You can enter and execute any SQL-sentences supported by a database server - samplings of data SELECT, data manipulations UPDATE, INSERT etc. For sampling the data alongside with sentences SELECT it is possible to use ADO-specific sentences SHAPE (see Documentation on ADO). For fulfilment of the entered sentence press Execute button (the text on the button varies depending on type of sentence - sampling or change of the data)

After fulfilment of sentence his results in case of sampling the data are output in the window of the program as the table below controlling panel. Simultaneously results can be saved in the file of the XML-format for further usage:

On the screen names, types and lengths of selected fields are output. The quantity(amount) of selected lines is displayed on a window title of the program. The text of the executed sentence is saved in text box for a reuse on pressing R button. To view the XML-file in the separate window it is possible after pressing XML button. At pressing lines of a header of the table (names and types of fields) table lines with the data temporarily are cleaned(removed) from the screen. At the marked flag delete previous resylts the next pressing of Execute button will result in clearing area of output.

System requirements:

MS Windows 2000/NT/[9x] with the installed components
  • Windows Scripting Host ver. 5.6,

  • Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI),

  • Internet - browser MS IE 5.0 (it is recommended to MS IE 5.5 or higher),

  • Objects of data access ADO DB,

  • Active Perl ver.5.6.1 (optional)

Possibilities on modification of the program:

The program is written with usage of the HTA-technology, delivered as the initial code. At writing the program languages JavaScript, VBScript, DHTML, CSS are used. Modification of the program needs only the elementary text editor, the compiler is not necessary.

Roles of program files:

  • dbview.hta  - main program file
  • dbview.files/dbvdefs.js, dbview.js, - included program files in JavaScript language
  • dbview.files/dbview.css - style sheet file for design of screen units of the program and tables with the data
  • dbview.files/, dbview.lang - files of customization of the program in the XML-format. The first contains parameters of connection to base, the second - customization of the interface.
  • Shape_example.xls - Excel-table for demonstrating SHAPE-search to the database. Through ODBC-manager create the data source, compared to Shape_example.xls file, incorporate to it and fulfil search which text contains on one of sheets of the table.

You can make any changes (if something will turn out useful, inform) to the code. If it is impossible to you, can write to me, I shall try to make the necessary modification.

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