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The Media-program for messages

Russian version

The program is intended for output to the screen of messages in batch files, scripts of loading/registration, in the system scheduler etc. The output message is duplicated by a voice with usage TTS-technology (TextToSpeech) and program component MS Agent. For engaging attention of the user the figure of the agent moves on the screen and repeats the message through a sound equipment of a computer.
The program consists of a main script msg.hta and an auxiliary batch file msg.bat and has the Russian-English interface - depending on system settings or parameters of the command line the window title and the voice message is output in the appropriate language.


Place msg.hta and msg.bat in the accessible directory, e.g., c:\Windows (Win 9x) or c:\Winnt (Win 2000/NT).


msg[.hta] [type:] [time:] [eng:] [noAg:] <the text of the message>

For acceleration of the process it is recommended to use the format

mshta.exe msg.hta ...

  • type - the type of the panel of the message:

    • i(default) - the information

    • ? - a question

    • ! - warning

    • x - an error

  • time - time in secs of existence of the panel of the message on the screen (by default - 24 hour.)

  • eng - use the English interface irrespective of system installations

  • noAg - don't use MS Agent

  • <the text of the message> can contain additional resources of formatting of text of the message - HTML-tags and the character of line feed \n (because of features of processing of the command line it is necessary to replace delimiters of tags < and > on &lt; and &gt; accordingly, and all string to quote)

  • The panel of the message is removed from the screen on the expiration of given time, or on pressing the button panels, or on deleting the agent from the screen (the command hide in context menu of the agent)


  • msg Simply an example - the Info Pane, waiting pressing of the button. 

  • msg.hta Simplest Test eng: - the same, with the English interface.

  • msg !:60:Time to sleep- the Panel of warning disappearing in minute

  • mshta.exe msg.hta "Buy\n &lt;i&gt;the flowers" - Record in the system scheduler, assigned for annual fulfilment March, 7. The message is output in two strings, the second line - by an italic:

It is the panel - hangs at centre of the screen and waits for pressing the button

He is agent Kesha - flies on the screen and repeats the message

System requirements:

  • MS Windows 9x/NT/2000 with installed WSH(Windows Scripting Host) and support of HTA-programs (IE 5.0 and higher) 
  • System components of MS Agent with units of support of TTS technology
  • Sound card with speakers.

The description of algorithm, possibility on modification of the program:

The program is developed with usage of the hta-model, permitting to combine rather rich design possibilities dynamic HTML, supported IE 5+, and possibilities WSH for operation with objects on a local computer (a file system, the registry etc.). The operating system executes such programs locally, without taking into account customizations of safety of a browser of Internet Explorer (as exe-programs). The additional information can be obtained on a site of Microsoft Corporation.

Msg.hta program forms and displays the text of the message transferred(handed) through parameters of the command line in the window of special sort. The way and time of demonstrating of the message on the screen of the screen monitor are regulated with the help of commands on the command line. The order of commands and fragments of the text - arbitrary.

For engaging to the message of additional attention of the user in the program are used voice (TextToSpeech TTS technology) and animated possibilities the component of MS Agent (the additional information and source files for installation of the agent and TTS system on a computer - on a site of Microsoft corporation). The concrete variety of the agent (the author in the present moment knows four, for addition new or deleting unnecessary accordingly it it is necessary to update array AgentsKnown of the description of characters) is selected by random image from among placed(installed) on a computer. After output of the message to the screen the agent in the random image moves also a voice says the text of the message. For a stop of the agent there is a command a context menu (the right mouse button).

The program is written in HTML language using JavaScript and VBScript languages, delivered as the initial code. Modification of the program needs only the elementary text editor, the compiler is not necessary. For simplification of operation it is possible to use any HTML-editor.


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The simple version of the program