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The program is developed for transportation of the big files (a size more than 150...200 Kb) with usage of vehicles of "small capacity" (the e-mail on phone connection, diskettes etc.). File parts on a pieces of the given size and each part is transferred by the separate letter with usage of MS Outlook 2002/2003. For overcoming "protection" Outlook from mail viruses auxiliary scripts are used. For "assembly" of a source file after transportation and testing of result batch file "Merge.bat" and the brief instruction "!readme.txt" are formed. In time of "assembly" testing on a file size is made. The result of a control is displayed, at positive result of a part are deleted.

The program works in the environment of operating system of a Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/2003 with the placed(installed) subsystem of Windows Scripting Host вер.5.6, the assembly file can be started under DOS 3.3 or higher. Start of the program is made from the command line (the user interface is absent). Installation of the program in the system is not required (unzip archive and use).

The format of the command (it is informed at start without parameters):

[wscript]  smXP.js file_name [size_of_piece in Kb] [recipient_address]

If the address of the recipient is omitted, made only "splitting" the file and creation of the "assembly" file. The size of parts can be given by expression (e.g., 1.44*1024) or it may be omitted (value 53 KB is used). If the value of the second parameter is no more zero or more than file size, transfer of the file without cut is fulfilled. The filename can be given with complete way, including in UNC format, thus in the assembly file the filename is used only.
It is possible to omit(drop) parameters "from the end": if it is required to skip only the second, specify "-" instead.
For setup of algorithm of detour of "protection" under your system adjust delay factor TimeoutBeforeSend or a set "pressed" keys in procedure SetSendPermissions()
Results of operation of the program ("pieces" of the file with names of kind _part_.nnn and "assembly" Merge.bat file) remain in a folder in which the program was started. If the address of the recipient was indicated in Outlook folders ("Sent" or "Outgoing") are formed letters on number of "pieces", the first letter contains brief instructions on assembly.

System requirements:

  • On transferring side:

    MS Windows 9x/NT/2000/xP/2003 with installed Windows Scripting Host 5.6 + and MS Outlook 2002/2003.
    In the system folder for temporary files (a variable %TEMP %) there should be enough of a place for allocation intermediate files (a parts of the transferred file, the assembly file, the instruction, auxiliary scripts).

  • On accepting side:

    MS DOS 6.2 or higher.

Possibilities on modification of the program:

The program is written in JavaScript language, delivered as the initial code. Modification of the program needs only the elementary text editor, the compiler is not necessary.
You can make any changes (if something will turn out useful, inform) to the code. If it is not pleasant to you Outlook, replace operations with it(him) with operation with other mail client (write to me, I shall try to make the necessary modification). If not something is pleasant still, change. If you have program of checksumming (any algorithm, there should be an output of result in stdout), send, I shall add check at assembly.

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                                Version for using with MS Outlook 2003 here