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Send files with Outlook
Money in words
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Forwarding messages

Development of programs for MS Office needs only the documentation and the environment of development and execution of programs in language Visual Basic for Application VBA, entering in all components Office.

With use of the dispatcher .Net plug-ins for development it is possible to apply also MS Visual Studio and all means Microsoft .NET

All other, necessary for execution of programs - Internet Explorer, Windows Scripting Host and .NET Framework - is given by corporation Microsoft free or is components of Windows 2000/XP/2003 and Win98/Me.

In this chapter - some examples of the programs made in different time for own needs. It can be necessary for executing of them MS Office, it is better than the version 2003/XP. Also I recommend to use last version Internet Explorer (5.5 and is higher) and Windows Scripting Host.



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Yours faithfully  Konstantin M.Dyakov