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Outlook 2003/2002 VBA-programs for replaying on e-mail and checks of grammar and syntax using MS Word. For overcoming "protection" of Outlook safety guarg from mail viruses auxiliary vbs-scripts are used.


  • Creation of answers to letters
    • citing of the text of the incoming letter with usage of initials of the remailer in the prefix (the part of the text after "-- " is not quoted)
    • extract of the data of the incoming letter for a cap of the answer in the language of the correspondent (Russian or English).
  • Check of syntax and grammar of the answer (paragraphs of the text without the prefix) resources of MS of Word.


Programs are intended for maintenance in the environment of MS Outlook 2003/XP, uses MS Word 2003/XP and Windows Scripting Host ver. 5.6.

  1. Extract from archive dkmReply.bas and dkmGrammar.bas (dkmPGMs.bas for Office XP) files.
  2. Start Outlook and open Visual Basic for Application editor (Alt-F11)
  3. Import *.bas (Ctrl-M) files.
  4. Connect to the project the link to MS Word (ToolsReferencesMicrosoft Word 10.0/11.0 Object Library)
  5. Connect to the project the link to WSH (Tools→References...→ Windows Scripting Host Object Model)
  6. Reassign buttons "Replay" and "ReplayAll" on toolbar (Alt-F8 to fulfil RedefineButtonsInExplorer procedure).
  7. If necessary, independently add (reassign) the necessary buttons in the form for review / editing of letters (Inspector object, procedures dkmReplayI() and dkmReplayAllI()).
  8. Add on the panel of the form of the letter (Inspector object) the button starting procedure CheckGrammar().
  9. Modify, if necessary, units of the text of a greeting (constants xxGreeting, xxStrings, xxDefSignature and xxDAYS in the text of the procedure).
  10. Modify, if necessary, value of SavePrefixInField and ContactFolderName constants.


1. Select the letter which it is necessary to answer, press the button "Replay " or "ReplayAll" (or fulfil procedures dkmReplayE or dkmReplayAllE accordingly).

2. After output to the screen of the form with a greeting to a target and the quoted text of the incoming letter write the answer, delete superfluous strings-citations, add the signature.

3. Press the button calling CheckGrammar procedure, make necessary changes to the text of the answer.

4. Send the letter.


1. The standard (builtin) procedures of the answer are started from Outlook menu, a shortcut menu of the letter etc.

2. Procedures work only with ASCII format of letters (plain-text).

3. During creation of the answer to the letter the panel with warning about "whose attempt to read the address information" will appear.



4. Send me your question.

    % Load archive with the program: version for Office System 2003.

version for Ofiice XP.